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Laundry services for perfect looking clothes

Laundry services

for less chores and more fun

The easy way to perfect laundry

Does you hectic lifestyle leave you with little time to do laundry? Classic Cleaners can help you. We have over 40 years of experience and treat your laundry items with the utmost care.  We provide service washes and ironing within most of the Mid Glamorgan area and located in Talbot Green. Contact us for more details.

Laundry services with a personal touch

Complete range of cleaning and washing

•  Full range of laundry and ironing services

•  High quality finish

•  Effective cleaning products

•  Gentle formulation to protect clothes

•  Competitive pricing

•  Service washes and commercial laundry available

•  Carpet and rug cleaner machine hire

At Classic Cleaners, we offer a lot more than laundry services. You could use our dry cleaning services for delicate clothes with tough stains. We undertake a host of cleaning services for items such as curtains and duvets. Our speciality is cleaning leather jackets. We have employed skilled tailors who can alter and repair various apparel. We are located in Talbot Green and serve the Mid Glamorgan area.

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